Castra-Sec serves as our business unit dedicated to providing dynamic defensive solutions.

Our deliverable: Support the defense, law enforcement, diplomatic agencies, and entities charged with the responsibility of rebuilding and securing infrastructure. We frame our services by insightful cultural awareness, extensive expertise, and unparalleled on-the-ground capabilities.

Castra-Sec has the scope and competency to provide clients with turn-key solutions to conduct their business in a secure environment. By following a strict code of conduct and compliance with local and international regulations we represent and reflect a positive image of our clients.

Implementing proven tactical and technical soulutions to meet client objectives, we provide a carefully selected team with the experience, responsiveness, and situational awareness, to meet and exceed operational requirements. Our staff is drawn from a seasoned group of individuals with successful backgrounds in government and private defense sectors. Many have first-hand experience working in some of the most austere and tumultuous regions of the world.

We provide comprehensive Risk Management & Consulting Services to assist clients navigate current, emerging, and frontier markets. Identification of security risks within our Initial Security Assessment allows us to develop cost effective and accommodating solutions.

Risk Management services are provided by senior management and advisors with specific core competencies, creating an entity focused on the design of security solutions, and the effective integration of best practices that are compliant with the specific activities and needs of the organization or project, and regional regulations.

Our focus of providing best value Security Services / Force Protection is custom tailored to mitigate local risk. We pool the best human and technical resources available to meet a wide range of security requirements for Corporate, Government, International Government Organizations, Non- Government Organizations and private clients.

We provide an array of Static and Mobile Solutions. Castra-Sec is equally capable of integrating wheeled, rotary, or fixed wing modes of secure travel depending on mission criteria.

For projects where outsourcing a local or third country national security force provides an economical and feasible solution, we provide the expertise to recruit, vet, train and manage.

To assist clients in completing their most important and sensitive objectives, Castra-Sec has developed a Special Projects Division. Through cultivated networks in the Special Operations community, our senior management team is able to recruit vetted individuals with specific backgrounds and demonstrated experience, creating unparalleled value and focus.

Today’s Full Spectrum Operations require mentally agile units to maneuver in any operational theme across the spectrum of conflict. We provide specific, dedicated training on offensive, defensive, stability, and civil support tasks through individual and/ or collective tasks under challenging, realistic conditions matching current global events.

Our Full Spectrum Training (FST) prepares clients to achieve their objectives throughout all phases of a campaign. We provide a realistic Full Spectrum Operations continuum that enhances the quality of training preparation for complex, and politically sensitive environments.